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August 2013 Archives

Credit card debt lower now, but still a problem for many

For most people who are facing tough times economically, they will usually turn to their credit cards to try and get out of a tough situation. It appears, however, that total credit card debt has dropped over the course of a year.

Founder of CNET selling home after filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

For most people struggling with debt, owning a mansion is something they can only imagine. However, for the founder of CNET, who recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, not only did he own a mansion, but he is now forced to sell it.

Many consumers growing comfortable with credit card balances

For many people in Tennessee, credit cards are a great way to build a credit report, raise their credit score and help secure credit for larger purchases in the future. However, with a struggling economy and high unemployment, many others find themselves turning to credit cards to help them through the hard times. Unfortunately, this reliance on credit cards may lead to a downward spiral of debt and financial challenges.

How to deal when credit card debt leads to a lawsuit

For any Chattanooga resident who has had to deal with the difficulty of paying down credit cards, there is always that fear of what happens if the payments can't be made. If the credit card debt starts to pile up so high that it becomes insurmountable, it is often inevitable that the credit card user could get sued by the credit card company.

400,000 Foreclosure victims had checks sent to the wrong place

For any Chattanooga residents who have had the unfortunate experience of having to go through foreclosure or are currently trying to get through foreclosure, there may be an additional complication. As if a few hundred dollars was supposed to be enough to make up for the travails suffered, now that foreclosure settlement check might have been sent to the wrong place.

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