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September 2013 Archives

Medical bills lead to significant debt and often contain errors

For many Chattanooga residents who are facing mounting debt, it is usually medical bills which are the source of that debt. However, many things can be done to get debt relief for those large medical bills.

Kodak emerges from bankruptcy with less debt and assets

For many Chattanooga residents, when they think of Kodak, they think of their cameras and film from their childhood. Also, when they heard about Kodak filing for bankruptcy, it probably felt like an end of an era.

Credit card debt down as consumer borrowing increases

As many Tennessee readers may know, attempting to get out of debt can sometimes feel overwhelming and impossible. It often feels like as soon as one debt is paid, another becomes due, making the climb out of a financial hole seem never-ending.

New change for potential homebuyers who went through a hardship

For many people who have filed a bankruptcy, gone through a foreclosure or suffered some other type of financial hardship, they are typically told they must wait two to three years in order to able to try and purchase another home. These people are then forced to pay rent or find some alternative housing arrangement during that time. However, a new program from the government may shorten that time to a year.

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