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December 2013 Archives

Oil company owner files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Many Tennessee business owners understand that economic conditions can change fairly quickly, which can have a major impact on the business's profitability. The same is true for the business owners' personal finances, as circumstances outside the control of the individual may have a major impact on the person's financial health.

Insurmountable debts may be settled through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The economy of the United States is driven by debts. Consumers in Tennessee use debts to purchase a car, earn higher education and many other services. However, consumers should pay the debts on time to avoid accumulating debts and huge interests. One woman's situation is a clear example of how some Americans accumulate debts.

Chapter 13 allows debtors to escape debt and save for retirement

Tennessee residents know that debt can sometimes be a real problem. Sometimes, debts from mortgages, auto loans and credit cards build up to the point that debtors have a hard time making ends meet. Add financial challenges from unemployment and serious medical conditions to the mix, and consumers can be pushed to the breaking point. This was especially true when the Great Recession started. For those who want to retire in the near future, these challenges can affect retirement plans in significant ways.

Aaron Carter files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is one type of bankruptcy that is applicable to individuals seeking debt relief in Hamilton, Tennessee. It enables debtors to obtain a fresh financial start through liquidation. Under this type of bankruptcy protection, property and assets are liquidated to settle the incurred debts.

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