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February 2014 Archives

Former Nickelodeon star files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Tennessee residents who are unfamiliar with filing for bankruptcy sometimes believe it to be embarrassing and the gateway to even greater financial challenges. Bankruptcy, though, is a legal and honorable way to settle debts while establishing a better financial footing. It is not just for business entities; even ordinary citizens can file for it to turn their financial problems around.

Identifying spending triggers can help prevent debt

Shopping to meet basic everyday needs such as food, gas and clothing is just a normal part of living. Unfortunately for some people, the excitement they feel when they spend money can lead to compulsive shopping and sometimes to financial ruin.

How Tennessee residents can cut down credit card debt

Overwhelming debt can seem like a dark cloud over one's head, and the pressure to pay it all off can feel like financial suffocation when there simply is not enough money. Credit card debt in particular seems to plague many Americans. According to a study, one of four Americans has more credit card debt than savings.

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