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March 2014 Archives

Fighting different debt traps in Tennessee via debt relief

Personal debt could be anyone's problem, whether they have a lucrative career or are just earning enough to pay for their living expenses. Most families in Chattanooga, Tennessee, are on the same page with debt issues, especially for those who enjoy swiping their credit cards for every purchase, not realizing that this is presenting them with financial challenges. Under such circumstances, getting out of debt is the ultimate solution. Unfortunately, doing that may not be that easy with some of these debt traps.

The dangers of balance transfers for Tennessee residents

People are always attracted to deals and discounts that allow them to save more money. For this reason, many credit card companies offer services that let consumers avoid the interest charges of credit card debt. However, many Chattanooga, Tennessee, credit card users should take note that such an offer may do more harm than good to their financial situation.

Local business icon files for personal bankruptcy in Chattanooga

Well-known Chattanooga businessman Allen Casey has a proud history in the city dating back some 40 years. In the 1970s, he turned a neglected railroad terminal into Chattanooga Choo Choo, now a top tourist destination. As many businesspeople find out, however, not every project pays off, and Casey has recently experienced a series of hardships, financial challenges and failed investments.

For many Americans, credit card debt outweighs savings

For many Americans, including Tennessee and Georgia residents, plastic offers a highly convenient way to purchase products and services. Unfortunately, it is also the easiest way to acquire substantial credit card debt. According to a survey by, this is true for nearly half of all Americans.

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