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May 2014 Archives

Tennessee residents can avoid costly credit card mistakes

A recent Gallup poll survey reported that Americans, including Tennessee residents, average 3.7 credit cards to their name. The average person's understanding of credit cards, however, is sometimes poor, making him or her vulnerable to mistakes that could make for substantial credit card debt.

Actor files Chapter 7 bankruptcy for tax debts

"ER," a television series that aired in 1994 and ended in 2009 was a favorite of many Americans, including those in Chattanooga, Tennessee. For this reason, many might have assumed that the actors and actresses who land a starring role in a hit TV series are financially stable and secure up to now. This might not be the case in the Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing of Mekhi Phifer.

Bankruptcy can help wipe away massive credit card debt

Finding financial stability these days can be an enormous challenge. With unemployment still falling slowly and the economy struggling to recover from the Great Recession, many Americans, including those in Tennessee, have come to rely on their credit cards to make ends meet. In addition, credit cards cover unexpected expenses that result from events, such as emergencies.

How bankruptcy can alleviate medical debt consequences

As the old adage goes, health is wealth. Unfortunately for many Americans, including some in Tennessee, the medical expenses and debt incurred to maintain health are making them worse off financially. One recent research project conducted by the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute and Kaiser Family Foundation found that one-third of Americans now have trouble paying their medical bills or getting out from under medical debt.

Actress seeks debt relief through Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Tennessee residents know that some celebrities have considerably more financial resources than they do from revenues derived from movies, TV shows, advertisements or music hits. Having considerable money, however, does not mean that someone is exempt from facing financial challenges. Fortunately, even for those in the public eye, debt-relief options are available whenever they might be needed.

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