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July 2014 Archives

Avoiding debt relief plans that are too good to be true

Tennessee residents who have gotten themselves in over their head when it comes to debt are often desperate to find a way out. Many so-called debt settlement companies take advantage of this desperation and offer quick solutions that turn out to be little more than a way for these companies to make money off of what little these debtors still have. In the end, the victims continue to struggle financially.

Chapter 13 and other debt relief steps for Tennessee residents

Tennessee residents battling financial challenges may feel like they are fighting alone. However, millions of Americans all over the country are in the same boat. Although knowing that financial problems are prevalent and widespread may not help, knowing that financial problems are common will definitely give birth to solutions, such as filing for Chapter 13. However, before filing for bankruptcy, some steps to debt relief may want to be tried before exploring a legal option.

Former New York sports mogul files for bankruptcy in Florida

Professional sports team owners can hit it big by investing in a team that wins on the field, or lose an investment if that team performs poorly. Some Tennessee residents might remember Steve Donner, a sports promoter and owner of several teams in different sports who seemed to be a marketing genius in the 1990s. However, Donner filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in May.

Bankruptcy can save marriages just as much as finances

When Tennessee residents think about seriously tackling debt, a change in lifestyle often comes to mind. No more eating out, no more shopping sprees, no more weekend getaways. Overwhelming debt, however, can do more than drastically change a lifestyle: it can also end a marriage.

Breaking down the basics about Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Anyone filing for bankruptcy undoubtedly faces considerable stress, both financially and emotionally. Unfortunately, overwhelming debt can lead a debtor to make decisions without enough information about which type of bankruptcy filing is best for their particular situation. Some people think a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is the best solution for their debt woes, but Chapter 7 is not for everyone. In some cases, particularly for someone who has regular income, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a better solution.

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