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September 2014 Archives

How does a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing work?

Tennesseans struggling with financial challenges may forego a bankruptcy filing just for the lack of understanding of how the filing actually works. This is understandable, since bankruptcy has an undeserved negative image. However, a filing, particularly Chapter 7 bankruptcy, can be a breath of fresh air for Tennesseans striving to keep financially afloat because of personal debts.

How can Tennessee residents get out of credit card debt?

Credit cards can provide a lot of financial flexibility. The cards can be used not just during the absence of cash in hand, but during emergencies. Credit card payment plans also give users a chance to pay for their purchases at a manageable rate. However, taking such advantages for granted can lead to financial disaster. Tennessee residents in this kind of situation should assess their situation and the possible solutions to get out of credit card debt.

The unhealthy effect of debt and other financial challenges

Debt itself does not kill, but the stress it causes can. When faced with seemingly insurmountable debt, some Tennesseans feel their situations hopeless and become overwhelmed. Financial troubles can easily lead to both emotional and health problems, if they are not addressed. Fortunately, financial planners know exactly how to do this.

Is Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Tennessee unlucky?

To superstitious Tennesseans, the number 13 is unlucky. Add bankruptcy, an idea that many people regard with disapproval and the idea that the combination can be beneficial seems somehow suspicious. We, however, find nothing unlucky or unfortunate about Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Instead, we take pride in proving to our clients how incredibly valuable a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing can be if they want a fresh financial start.

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