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October 2014 Archives

How to find debt relief on a limited budget

For many Americans, including those in Tennessee, eliminating debt can be frustrating. Often the tide of debt continues to rise even as the debtor works hard to repay it. To survive the rising tide, a debtor may be better off looking at the debt relief options that are immediately available.

What does Chapter 7 bankruptcy offer Tennessee residents?

Tennesseans who are unable to get out of deep financial holes despite their best efforts may feel their situation is hopeless. Fortunately, debt relief is possible for many who are in this situation. Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings have time and again gotten people out of debt and on the road to economic recovery.

How does Chapter 13 bankruptcy work?

If a Tennessee resident has exhausted all debt relief options but still cannot get out of the debt, filing for bankruptcy is often the most logical scenario. However, some Tennessee residents may hesitate to explore bankruptcy filings because they are unfamiliar with its merits. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one of those filings and this type of bankruptcy has often taken a backseat to the more well-known Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Nevertheless, Chapter 13 can lead to the fresh financial start that some Tennessee residents have been longing for.

Breaking down bankruptcy myths for Tennesseans

When Tennesseans have exhausted numerous debt relief options to no avail, the last resort is filing bankruptcy. However, many Tennesseans hesitate to cross this threshold because of the many misconceptions associated with bankruptcy. Unfortunately failing to do so may result in a missed opportunity to eliminate debt and the risk of further financial complications. Since bankruptcy is nothing new to our Chattanooga County-based law firm we go the extra mile to debunk such myths so Tennesseans can enjoy a fresh financial start.

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