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How to get out of the quagmire of credit card debt

Any Tennessee resident who struggles with debt knows that it can feel like being trapped in thick, deep mud that makes it nearly impossible to get anywhere. Forward progress on getting out of credit card debt seems nearly impossible because the interest that builds up month after month can actually cause the debtor to sink farther down. What a debtor needs is a strong and reliable arm to help pull them out.

Since 1988 our law firm has filed more than 14,000 bankruptcy cases in Chattanooga. Our clients have been able to find debt relief because of our guidance. So, whether you have incurred debts because of credit cards, medical bills or other unanticipated problems, we can help you get back on solid ground.

We believe bankruptcy has an undeserved negative reputation. In reality, bankruptcy is a legally viable way to get out of debt by setting a path that allows the debtor to pay off as much debt as possible through a structured, court-approved plan. It also ends creditor harassment. A bankruptcy filing can end a struggle and offer a way forward.

Our Chattanooga-based law firm can help you gather financial documents so we can get a clear assessment of your financial situation. If you have any questions about the credit counseling that you will need to undergo, we can help there too. Once your bankruptcy documents are filed, you will be protected by what is called an "automatic stay." This means creditors cannot try to collect any debts. Although you will have to appear in court, we will be there to make sure everything goes well.

Whether you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, our lawyers will make sure you understand everything about the filing. More important, we will make sure you walk out of the quagmire of debt.

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