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For some Tennessee residents who are neck deep in financial trouble, hope that they can find a way out of their predicament can keep them going. Sometimes, however, the desire to get out from under debt and stop creditor harassment leads them to turn to the false hope offered by people who prey on those who are desperate, which often leads to an even worse predicament. Our law firm, on the other hand, can offer something genuine to many Tennessee residents drowning in debt: a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.

Many people think there is something wrong with bankruptcy, that it means a debtor is irresponsible and maybe lazy. In truth, there is nothing wrong or immoral about bankruptcy. As a legitimate legal process, it is widely understood to be a responsible way to deal with financial problems that are unlikely to ever be resolved through just hard work. Bankruptcy offers most people a fresh financial start.

For more than 25 years our skilled lawyers have been guiding Tennessee residents through the bankruptcy process as they straighten out their finances. We have helped our clients file more than 14,000 bankruptcies, many of them under Chapter 13. This particular filing is best suited for people who have income, but who are nevertheless overwhelmed by huge amounts of debt. Chapter 13 allows a person to pay off debts by making manageable payments for three to five years; the period is determined by the court. This type of bankruptcy filing also allows a person to keep certain assets and property.

Our Chattanooga law firm guides clients who need the help filing for Chapter 13. We can also correct any misconceptions that clients have about bankruptcy. More importantly, we can show them how to realize a fresh financial start and move on with peace of mind.

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