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January 2015 Archives

How Tennessee residents can pay off credit card debt

Many Americans, including Tennessee residents, have been getting some shocks as they open their credit card bills after the holidays. A spending spree for Christmas can mean considerable credit card debt in the New Year. Unfortunately, this may be only adding more trouble if a cardholder is already carrying substantial debt. For any Tennessee resident who is making the decision to pay off some of that credit card debt, the following tips may help.

Tennessee leads country in bankruptcy filings per capita

Unexpected life changes can cause considerable financial challenges to most Tennesseans. Unfortunately, too many Tennesseans have struggled with financial problems over the last year, even though the economy has improved significantly since the Great Recession. Many Tennessee residents still struggle just to make ends meet, and some have ended up with overwhelming debt because of job losses, medical bills and other unexpected expenses. Fortunately, bankruptcy is available to help people recover. In fact, Tennesseans have taken to bankruptcy more than the residents of any other state.

How Chapter 13 can help Tennessee debtors

Most Tennessee residents probably want nothing more than to start the New Year on a high note. For people struggling to reduce debt, however, this could seem like nothing more than a dream. Fortunately, debt relief is possible for these people. Toward this end, our law firm believes Tennessee residents could benefit from looking into how a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing could help in 2015.

How does TN Chapter 7 differ from other bankruptcy types?

A Tennessee Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is one of the more commonly filed types of bankruptcy. Often referred to as a liquidation bankruptcy, it is applicable for people who have a certain amount of assets and property. It is also advisable for people who have a salary that is below the state's average income. Tennesseans should not confuse a Chapter 7 filing with other types of bankruptcy filings.

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