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How should debtors in Tennessee select a debt relief service?

People who carry debt usually have one important concern: repaying it within a certain time. Tennessee residents who have debt do their best to repay their creditors as soon as they can, but sometimes this is not possible. People who face this problem often consider contacting a credit counseling or debt settlement service to get a handle on their problem. This may be a good option for eliminating debt, but only if the debtor has enough information about the debt relief service to know it is legitimate and offers a real solution.

To check whether such a service is reliable, a debtor can contact a local consumer protection agency or check with the state's attorney general. Either contact should be able to provide information on any consumer complaints that have been filed against the debt relief service, as well as whether the company has the licenses required to operate in the state.

When deciding whether to contract with a debt relief agency, the debtor should know what services it offers, the cost for using those services and the time required for getting the promised results. The debtor should never rely on oral promises and should get everything in writing. Before agreeing to the terms offered and before signing anything, the debtor should carefully read all of the provided documents, especially any contract.

Some of the best debt relief agencies are not-for-profit. Regardless, choosing one that provides in-person counseling is best. The not-for-profit label does not necessarily mean the services are free or even legitimate. Some agencies have hidden fees that can lead to even more debt. Clearing debts is important, but the debtor should be aware that not every service is a legitimate option to get them their desired outcome.

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