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Helping clients achieve credit card debt relief

For many Tennessee residents, high credit card debt affects a resident's financial future. Good credit is very important for a higher standard of daily living, such as purchasing automobiles or obtaining a home mortgage. At our law firm we have helped many clients rebuild their financial health and security after addressing mountainous debt.

Discharge under Chapter 13 bankruptcy rules

A debtor becomes eligible for bankruptcy discharge under Chapter 13 procedures after the debtor has paid off all debts. In order to qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge, however, the debtor must prove a few things in a court of law. First, the debtor must prove that all obligations relating to domestic support have been paid off. The debtor may even produce any documentary evidence, such as certificates, in order to prove such payments.

Protecting consumers from bankruptcy in Tennessee

Many Tennessee residents file for bankruptcy every year. Bankruptcy is often regarded as a sign of extreme financial problems. In many cases, one is compelled to file for bankruptcy, not only because of their financial miscalculations or bad investments, but also because they were victims of some fraudulent practices.

Balance transfers can relieve Tennessee credit card debt

Like millions of Americans, many Tennessee residents have amassed considerable long-term debt. With more than $7,100 in credit card debt, the average household will pay thousands of dollars in pure interest. Owning multiple credit cards seems to be part of the problem, with debtors transferring money from one account to another to keep the combined debt in the card account with the lowest interest rate. Many financial experts suggest that the idea is right, but the execution is often wrong.

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