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Chapter 13 bankruptcy and foreclosure

Tennessee homeowners face a lot of financial pressures. There are expenses related to owning a home in addition to those that everyone must deal with. In times of financial turmoil, people may worry about how to balance it all. There are even situations where it becomes impossible for people to meet all their financial obligations. It's at these times that people may need to turn to bankruptcy in order to get a fresh financial start.

Does Chapter 13 bankruptcy have income requirements?

Many Americans have faced nearly impossible economic conditions over the past decade. During the recession and subsequent slow economy recovery, many people have found themselves unable to pay their bills as they become due. In many cases, a medical emergency or period of unemployment is responsible for the financial trouble.

See the benefits of a personal bankruptcy

Many Americans are struggling in today's uncertain economy. Just as much of the country is starting to rebound from the so-called Great Recession, there are people who just cannot manage to keep up. These individuals face the stigma of harassing collection calls, risk losing their homes and their credit scores plummet. A low credit score not only affects a person's self-esteem but it can make it difficult for a person to secure safe, affordable housing or a stable job.

Many former debtors still have unclaimed post-bankruptcy checks

Over the past few decades, many people in Tennessee have filed for bankruptcy and have been awarded a discharge. However, as recent reports indicate, many of those people never cashed the checks that were sent to them by the court after their Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing ended. As a result, bankruptcy courts across the United States are still holding large sums of unclaimed money.

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