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October 2015 Archives

How should you respond to fraudulent credit card debt collection?

Tennessee residents can face a variety of financial challenges for any number of reasons. Many people struggle with serious credit card debt. It can be easy to rely on credit cards to fill in the gaps when times are tough. When this happens, people can easily become overwhelmed with the amount of debt they face. People can lose track of who they owe money to and how much money they actually owe.

Credit cards and interest rates

The economy has been rough for many Tennessee residents over the past decade. Many people have had to rely on their savings accounts and credit cards to make it by. For some, this has just been a temporary problem, but for others it is become a deep cycle of debt. It gets to a point where people have to rely on credit cards in order to meet their monthly expenses.

Young people can need debt relief too

Young people often think that they are immune from serious problems. They like to think that they can handle anything on their own. This often means that they are more likely to take risks in their life and more reluctant to seek help when they need it. But, when considering massive amounts of debt, many young Millennials and Gen-Xers need serious financial guidance and help.

What is included in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan?

When people are struggling to pay their debts and stay financially solvent, it can seem like there is nowhere to turn for lasting debt relief. However, for many people, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can offer an important respite from the harassing creditor calls and other collection efforts.

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