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November 2015 Archives

Will any debt remain after a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

When Tennessee residents are facing financial trouble, they may turn to bankruptcy in order to get some debt relief. There are several different types of bankruptcy, and one may be more applicable in a particular situation than others. The right chapter of bankruptcy will depend on the person's individual financial goals and the debt that the person is facing. A person's unique financial situation will require a unique recovery plan.

Don't let your credit card debt control you

There are times when the Tennessee residents just cannot meet all their financial obligations. When this happens, people can try to cut back on their spending, but this is often not an option. In many cases, people need to rely on credit cards in order to make it past a rough patch.

Chapter 13 petitioners settle with Wells Fargo

When people in Tennessee are struggling to meet their financial obligations, there are variety of options that are available. One of these debt relief options is Chapter 13 bankruptcy. While people may think that filing for bankruptcy is a negative thing, there are many benefits to filing a bankruptcy petition.

The impact of debt relief on taxes

Many Tennessee residents are in need of debt relief. Some have spent years relying on credit cards to make ends meet. Others may have crippling medical debt or student loan debt that makes it difficult for them to meet their other financial needs. In other cases, a job loss may prevent people from being able to pay their bills. No matter what is causing a person financial distress, debt relief options can prove very useful.

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