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August 2016 Archives

Is medical debt still an issue in the U.S.?

A major medical diagnosis can lead to many questions and a lot of worries. Most people in Chattanooga who face a major medical diagnosis want to know what treatments are available and whether they will regain their health. What they may also worry about is how to afford the medical care they will need. Even those with health insurance may still find themselves paying for out-of-pocket expenses in the form of high deductibles, co-pays, prescriptions and procedures and tests not covered by insurance. Unfortunately, this leads to ever-increasing medical debt.

Tackling financial disaster through bankruptcy

No one can predict when financial disaster will strike. Sometimes a person may find that their income is suddenly slashed due to an unexpected job loss. Other times a person could become very sick for a long period of time, incurring substantial medical debt along the way. Moreover, individuals struggling to get by paycheck-to-paycheck may simply find that their debts have become unmanageable. Fortunately, there is one major protection that people in Tennessee can consider when their finances are spiraling out of control, filing for bankruptcy.

Tennessee is first in personal bankruptcy filings, report says

Tennessee may have seen a surge in exports and job growth, indicating it is on the right track economically. However, this doesn't disguise a serious fact: according to one report Tennessee is currently leading the nation in personal bankruptcy filings.

Does filing for bankruptcy mean losing your home?

As the old adage goes, "home is where the heart is," which is why debtors in Tennessee who decide that filing for bankruptcy is the best way to overcome their financial challenges may be afraid they will lose their home in the process. However, it is possible in some circumstances to keep your home after filing for bankruptcy.

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