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December 2016 Archives

What are the duties of a bankruptcy trustee?

Filing for bankruptcy can be intimidating if a person has not done so before. Those in Tennessee contemplating bankruptcy may want to learn more about the process before filing. One aspect they may want to familiarize themselves with is the role of the bankruptcy trustee.

Is it possible to negotiate lower credit card debt?

Holiday spending may be in full swing, but even responsible credit card holders may find their monthly payments ballooning this time of year. Perhaps, they had a medical emergency or their car broke down. Or, perhaps there was a job loss in the family, and a credit card had to be used to pay for the basic necessities. The holiday season can be a difficult time of year to find oneself in dire financial straits.

Is debt relief available for surprise medical bills?

Most individuals in Chattanooga, who become sick or injured, simply want to get better. While their main concern may be regaining their health, afterwards, they may wonder exactly how much their care will cost them. If they have health insurance, and took care to seek treatment from an in-network health care facility, they may think that most costs will be covered. However, sticker shock may be in store for them in the form of a surprise medical bill.

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