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January 2017 Archives

Chapter 7 may be the key for dealing with overwhelming debt

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an honest way for people who are facing overwhelming debt to regain control of their finances and start over with a clean financial slate. After all, even the most responsible individuals in Tennessee could find themselves facing a financial crisis. Perhaps there was a job loss leading to a loss of income, a medical emergency leading to steep hospital bills or any other series of circumstances that could ultimately result in financial ruin, if the right steps are not taken.

More older Americans in need of debt relief for student loans

As some in Tennesseans may find, the student loan debt crisis affects not just young people in America, but also is affecting older people as well. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the number of people across the United States, age 60 or above, with at least one student loan went up fourfold from 2005 to 2015.

When one is facing wage garnishment, is bankruptcy an option?

When a person in Tennessee is unable to pay their bills, eventually, they could face having his or her wages garnished to pay back their debts. Obviously, wage garnishment puts a person who was already facing insurmountable debt in an even worse financial situation.

Ways to address holiday credit card debt

Americans in Tennessee and nationwide are no strangers to credit card debt. Prior to the 2016 holiday season, 38 percent of households in the United States had credit card debt, averaging about $16,000. And, due to various circumstances, these households planned to put another $1,073 on their credit cards to pay for holiday expenses. While, at the time, it may seem that the extra holiday spending would result in manageable debt, unforeseen circumstances could change that projection. As a result, debtors may find it hard to cope with this holiday debt. So, what can be done to address this problem?

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