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April 2017 Archives

What is the "repayment plan" in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

For consumers in Tennessee, there are two main options when filing for bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 is known as liquidation bankruptcy, as filers will generally list all of their non-exempt assets, which are then sold off to repay creditors and then remaining debts are discharged. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is quite a bit different. Chapter 13 bankruptcy includes a repayment plan.

Getting the right information about pursuing personal bankruptcy

It is understandable when Tennessee residents have many questions about the bankruptcy process. After all, these individuals are facing significant financial challenges, and they want to make sure that they make the right decision about how best to achieve debt relief. The key for anyone who is contemplating whether to file for bankruptcy is to have the right information about their own unique circumstances.

Using credit cards properly to avoid too much debt

Millions of Americans have credit cards that they probably use on a daily basis. For many people, there are various reasons to use credit cards instead of cash to make purchases, such as credit card rewards and building a credit score. But, there are also reasons to avoid using credit cards when possible.

Some people use tax refund to file for bankruptcy

Tax season is in full-swing, and many people have already received their tax return check. For some, a tax return is a chance to plan a vacation or bulk up their savings accounts. But, for others, the financial boon of a tax refund check is apparently just what they need to proceed with the ultimate solution for their debt problems.

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