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What is wage garnishment and can bankruptcy help?

Tennessee residents work hard for their paychecks. That's why it can be so troubling to see money being withheld from those paychecks before they even reach the worker. This is known as wage garnishment.

Wage garnishment can be ordered when a person has a financial obligation that has otherwise gone unmet. For instance, in many cases of wage garnishment the financial obligation is child support. Or, in other cases, the garnishment might be ordered due to another type of court judgment. When a Tennessee resident gets behind on debt payments or simply isn't making the payments, a court could order that person's wages garnished.

However, what some of our readers may not know is that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing may help stop wage garnishment. When a Tennessee resident files for bankruptcy a court will order a stay on all debt collection practices. This stay will not last indefinitely, but it will provide at least a temporary respite from collection practices like wage garnishment.

There are many different pros and cons to consider when it comes to filing for bankruptcy. However, one of the biggest benefits to filing for bankruptcy is the opportunity for Tennessee residents to address their financial challenges head-on. If our readers are facing wage garnishment, unpaid medical bills or other types of overwhelming debt issues, filing for bankruptcy may be the best option. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help people who are facing these circumstances to eliminate debt and set themselves up for a better financial future.

Source: FindLaw, "Wage Garnishment," Accessed June 4, 2017

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