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Getting the right information about pursuing personal bankruptcy

It is understandable when Tennessee residents have many questions about the bankruptcy process. After all, these individuals are facing significant financial challenges, and they want to make sure that they make the right decision about how best to achieve debt relief. The key for anyone who is contemplating whether to file for bankruptcy is to have the right information about their own unique circumstances.

Lien stripping can be the bankruptcy process that saves your home

For many Chattanooga residents, their home is one of the most important possessions in their life. It's a place where there family lives and it gives everyone in the family roots. Also, a home is a great asset to have, as property tends to appreciate as time goes on. These are just a few reasons why Chattanooga residents facing bankruptcy may be concerned about losing their home in the process.

Medical expenses are a major source of unpaid debt

Medical expenses are often unavoidable. After all, should a person in Chattanooga suffer a medical crisis? These could include visits to the emergency room, necessary surgery or other expensive treatments. And, these bills will simply pile up through no fault of the debtor's own. In fact, according to a recent report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, unpaid medical debt is the number one reason individuals face collection agencies.

What are the duties of a bankruptcy trustee?

Filing for bankruptcy can be intimidating if a person has not done so before. Those in Tennessee contemplating bankruptcy may want to learn more about the process before filing. One aspect they may want to familiarize themselves with is the role of the bankruptcy trustee.

Tennessee is first in personal bankruptcy filings, report says

Tennessee may have seen a surge in exports and job growth, indicating it is on the right track economically. However, this doesn't disguise a serious fact: according to one report Tennessee is currently leading the nation in personal bankruptcy filings.

Does filing for bankruptcy mean losing your home?

As the old adage goes, "home is where the heart is," which is why debtors in Tennessee who decide that filing for bankruptcy is the best way to overcome their financial challenges may be afraid they will lose their home in the process. However, it is possible in some circumstances to keep your home after filing for bankruptcy.

Filing for bankruptcy can be an effective means of debt relief

Say you are facing a personal crisis in which the money you bring home simply cannot meet all of your financial obligations. Credit card bills go unpaid, you are late on your water and electric bills, and you might even wonder if you will be able to keep your house due to missed mortgage payments. You may be experiencing harassment from collection agencies, and the threat of foreclosure may be looming on the horizon. You need debt relief, fast.

Bankruptcy may not be something you want to handle alone

No matter what lead to the decision to file bankruptcy -- whether it was a job loss that left you unable to pay your bills, a serious illness that led to unmanageable medical expenses or for any other reason -- it is important to understand the general process of a bankruptcy case in Tennessee before filing.

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