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In a troubling economy, individuals are often forced into challenging situations. Often, people have to forego the payment of one bill in order to pay another. Unfortunately, as soon as creditors sense that they might not get paid, they begin to send letters and call you at home to remind you of your obligations. Chances are if you are reading this, you are already experiencing the misery of the dunning bill collectors. They are professionals at annoying you and stressing you out. They intentionally make your life miserable so you will give them money to make them go away. The problem is usually you don't have enough money to go around ... as your life seems to be falling apart. Fortunately, we have a way of bring you some peace.

At the law firm of Kenneth C. Rannick, P.C., our lawyers have extensive experience guiding individuals through financial difficulties. The vast majority of our clients experience a sense of relief after filing for bankruptcy. A large portion of that relief is directly attributable to the automatic stay.

"Since 1988 I have filed more than 14,000 bankruptcies for clients in the Chattanooga area and helped them get out of debt. I can help you too — and do it affordably." - Kenneth Rannick

Cleveland Debt Relief Attorney

The automatic stay is essentially a protective bubble that the court places around individuals who have filed for bankruptcy. Once you file, creditors are prohibited from pursuing collections and can no longer:

  • Call to harass you about payment
  • Send you harassing letters
  • File lawsuits against you
  • Garnish your wages or bank account
  • Pursue foreclosure of your home
  • Repossess your car

Contact our Chattanooga automatic stay attorneys to learn more about how bankruptcy can benefit you.

Payday Loans

It is important to mention that the automatic stay can help if you have taken payday loans. When individuals are desperate to protect their assets, they explore alternative methods. A growing business offers to advance your pay to you at a huge cost. Unfortunately, this can become a slippery slope for people in true financial peril. Contact our Tennessee office to learn more about how bankruptcy and the automatic stay can help you manage your payday loans; and no, you cannot be put in jail for a payday loan check.

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