Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy

You expect solid credentials, background and experience from your doctor, your educators, even your car’s mechanic - expect it from your lawyer, too!

When your credit, your job, your home, and your very livelihood are at stake, you need a lawyer who has exceptional experience in bankruptcy law, above and beyond what’s expected of your common bankruptcy law firm.

Looking for an attorney who can help you with your case can be an overwhelming experience. Sometimes, it’s hard to know if a lawyer can bring the appropriate level of care and experience to your case. Properly vetting a lawyer is difficult if you’ve never had to navigate the legal system and are under pressure from a stressful financial situation.

You need a way to know, immediately, if the lawyer you’re considering has the skills and background needed to help you. By selecting a lawyer for your Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 who is Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy, you are guaranteed a level of experience not verified with non-certified attorneys.

What does “board certified” mean for you and your case?

At the law firm of Kenneth C. Rannick, P.C., we are the only Chattanooga Area law firm with TWO bankruptcy lawyers who are each Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy.

Board Certification means that the certified attorneys at our firm have met rigorous, objective standards and have demonstrated knowledge in bankruptcy law.

Attorneys who are Board Certified in consumer bankruptcy have met or exceeded rigorous certification standards relating to experience, continuing legal education, integrity, and peer review; in addition to demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of the law in their specialty area.

What must a lawyer do to become Board Certified?

To become certified as a bankruptcy specialist, an attorney must successfully complete a comprehensive day-long written examination covering (1) general bankruptcy law (2) legal ethics, and (3) substantive questions in the specialty area. In addition, each applicant must show significant experience in legal matters and a substantial dedication of their practice to such matters, as well as providing professional references and participating in at least 60 hours of continuing legal education over a three-year period.

Both Ken Rannick and LuAnn Whaley have achieved Board Certification status. Every case in the office is worked on by both attorneys.

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17