Rebuilding Your Credit in Chattanooga

Currently, so many things are dependent upon a good credit score. Activities such as buying a car or home can largely depend on your rating. Fortunately, it is possible to rebuild your credit following a bankruptcy.

If you have questions regarding rebuilding your credit in Chattanooga, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer at the law office of Kenneth C. Rannick, P.C. After a thorough examination of your finances, our Tennessee lawyers can suggest the best course of action that will help you raise your credit score and stabilize your financial future.

"Since 1988 I have filed more than 14,000 bankruptcies for clients in the Chattanooga area and helped them get out of debt. I can help you too — and do it affordably." - Kenneth Rannick

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There are several steps that can be followed to increase your credit rating following a bankruptcy, including:

  • Start a savings account
  • Apply for a secured credit card
  • Check your credit report on a regular basis
  • Create a budget and stick to it
  • Live within your means

Shortly after your bankruptcy, you will begin getting credit card offers. We encourage you to select the one with the best APR or member benefits. Use the card sparingly, and do not make late payments. By remembering the factors that led to your trouble, you can work to avoid them following a bankruptcy. It won't happen immediately, but by following the steps above, you can begin rebuilding your credit.

Buying a House and Car

Despite popular misconceptions, we have clients who do go on and buy houses and cars after Chapter 13 and Chapter 7. We discuss these types of issues during our free initial consultation.

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