Save Your Car

Have you fallen behind on your car payments? Have you received notice from your lender that your vehicle will be repossessed if you do not send your late payments? When faced with the threat of losing your car, where do you turn?

If you are in or near Chattanooga, Tennessee, the law office of Kenneth C. Rannick, P.C., encourages you to turn to us for the effective help you need. You can save your car through bankruptcy. Talk to us to learn how. Please call us toll free at 800-257-7594 or locally at 423-954-7180.

Bankruptcy Can Help Save Your Car From Repossession

The payoff of debt on your car must be addressed.

There are circumstances in which Bankruptcy relief can greatly lower the interest rate you are to pay, and extend the term of years to repay the loan. The combination of interest rate reduction and term extension will almost always lower your monthly payments.

In addition, in some cases, the amount you repay will not be the amount of the debt, it will only be the value of the car. For example if you owe a dollar, but the car is worth 25¢, you would repay the 25¢ at a reduced interest rate, for a longer term, resulting in a much lower car payment. The remaining 75¢ would not need to be paid, and would be discharged.

When you file bankruptcy, an automatic stay is enacted. The automatic stay puts an immediate halt to attempts by the bank or lender to repossess your vehicle. By filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you enter into a payment plan that takes place over the course of three to five years. In that time, you can pay your car payments and get current. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is possible to keep your car by signing a reaffirmation agreement.

Our bankruptcy attorney, Kenneth C. Rannick, has been Board-Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law by the American Board of Certification since 1994. More than 14,000 clients have turned to our law firm for help since 1988. We have helped them climb out of debt, and we are here to help you.

The threat of losing your car can leave you in a vicious cycle of worry. How will you get to work? And if you lose your job, how will you ever be able to pay your bills? Let's put an end to your worries and get you back on the right financial path.

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Getting back and forth to work, driving to school and being able to bring your kids to their activities is part of daily life. We can help you maintain your vehicle ownership and get back on track with your finances. For a free initial consultation to discuss your bankruptcy options, call us toll free at 800-257-7594 or locally at 423-954-7180. You can also complete the email form on this website. Evening and weekend appointments can be arranged to fit your schedule.

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