What Are the Benefits of Bankruptcy?

Any serious financial setback can devastate the safety and security of a family. A loss of job, medical emergency or divorce can cause financial peril. Fortunately, there are protections available to allow individuals to get a fresh start.

Millions of Americans file for debt relief through bankruptcy each year. Even so, millions more struggle daily against seemingly insurmountable debt. At the law office of Kenneth C. Rannick, P.C., it is our goal to carefully examine an individual's finances, and explain how bankruptcy can benefit his or her unique situation.

"Since 1988 I have filed more than 14,000 bankruptcies for clients in the Chattanooga area and helped them get out of debt. I can help you too — and do it affordably." - Kenneth Rannick

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Many clients want to know — What are the benefits of bankruptcy? Essentially, bankruptcy benefits people differently depending on their financial difficulties. There are, however, numerous general benefits, including:

  • Stopping foreclosure
  • Stopping repossessions
  • Stopping wage and bank account garnishment
  • Elimination of unsecured debt
  • Reorganization and repayment of secured debt
  • A chance to start fresh toward a more stable financial future

During consultations, we are fond of likening financial trouble to a doctor's visit. No one goes to the doctor only because he or she wants to feel a sense of relief — people go to the doctor to remove the cause of the pain, and then, because the cause of the pain has been removed, the pain is gone too! It is a subtle distinction, but it is there. Mounting debt is like pain. If you can just remove the debt causing the pain, you can get on with your life. Let our attorneys help you eliminate your debt so you can sleep easier at night.

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