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November 2012 Archives

For Chattanooga homeowners, mortgage assistance still available

In an article discussed recently on this site, we told Chattanooga residents about assistance that is available to help those struggling to keep up with their mortgages. For those who are still seeking debt relief, there is good news that the relief is still available.

When filing a personal bankruptcy, list all potential claims

When a personal bankruptcy is filed, any property, including potential claims against others, becomes property of the bankruptcy estate. What this means is that any lawsuit the debtor would typically have the right to bring, must in most cases be brought by a federal official called a "trustee" instead.

Debt relief hard for many with student loans

Many students in Chattanooga are likely looking for student loans to pay for all or most of their college education. However, for those who come through school and do not get work, trying to get debt relief for student loans is often very difficult, though for some not completely impossible.

Famous singer forced to file personal bankruptcy a second time

In this struggling economy, Chattanooga residents surely recognize that almost everyone is feeling pinched by financial stress. If someone hits a hard spot with finances, such as rising medical bills or costs of a business, they may have no choice but to file a personal bankruptcy, even after earning millions.

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