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March 2013 Archives

Foreclosures still high for many seeking debt relief

For many Chattanooga residents, their worst fear is to lose their home. However, trying to seek debt relief from the bank in order to avoid losing the home can often be an incredibly difficult process; it seems that many people are now facing the same problem.

Life after bankruptcy is not only possible it is probable

Filing for bankruptcy can be a frightening prospect. Most of this, however, is based on fear of the unknown rather than reality. For consumers struggling with financial challenges and seeking to eliminate debt the benefits of bankruptcy far outweigh the negatives. Further, consumers can begin to rebuild their credit score almost immediately. Tennessee consumers considering bankruptcy might be interested in learning more about rebuilding credit.

Young adults face higher credit card debt than their elders

As many Chattanooga residents know, after sinking into debt, paying off the money can be very difficult. Many young adults are now learning that they may be living with credit card debt for most, if not all, of their lives.

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