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After filing Chapter 7, Casey Anthony's life story may be sold

As many Chattanooga residents know Casey Anthony was caught up in serious litigation which she was ultimately acquitted of. She then filed for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and owes over $800,000 which the trustee is responsible for trying to pay back to the creditors, if possible.

The reason her bankruptcy is noteworthy is because the trustee is attempting to sell the rights to her life story to the highest bidder. One bidder has already come forward with offering $10,000 for the story. He states the reason is that he plans to bury her life story and make sure she cannot profit from it. Others are potentially looking to buy it as well. Anthony however does not want to sell it and it appears that a judge has delayed ruling on whether it is to be sold or not. There is the possibility that the rights could go up for auction to the highest bidder.

The issue is a somewhat unsettling prospect, no matter what one's opinions about Ms. Anthony are. From the legal standpoint, after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as long as all of the debtor's assets are listed on the petition and protected, they never need to sell anything. The only problem comes in if an asset is either not protected or not listed on the petition.

The reason this is unsettling is because it allows the trustee to attempt to sell property that has not been created yet and if that were allowed, it could have long reaching effects for normal debtors as well. This could be a significant bar to getting a fresh financial start if the trustee could list assets that are expected but do not exist yet.

When someone needs help to get out of personal debt, often times filing for bankruptcy is one of the few ways to get that help. After filing, the debtor should always have a fresh start.

Source: NBC News, "Florida judge delays decision on selling rights to Casey Anthony's life story," Elizabeth Chuck, April 9, 2013

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