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June 2013 Archives

Economic recovery may just mean more credit card debt

For any Chattanooga resident who has had to deal with unexpected expenses, unemployment or just couldn't make ends meet, is likely familiar with using a credit card to pay the bills. Unfortunately for many, credit card debt just seems to add up more and more and, eventually, it could become too much to deal with.

Even after foreclosure, many still need debt relief

For any Chattanooga residents that have felt the pressure of not being able to make timely mortgage payments, it can often seem like a never ending problem. However, in the event that a homeowner had to let their house go, most would think that would be the end to their potential problems and they would finally have their much needed debt relief. Unfortunately, some are finding out that just letting the house go and leaving doesn't end their difficulties.

Co-founder of CNET files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

It is known by some Chattanooga residents that when a businessperson tries to invest in areas they are unfamiliar with, oftentimes it is incredibly risky. This can ultimately lead to financial issue that turn into major problems that need to be addressed formally.

Debt relief may be coming for those paying down medical bills

As many Chattanooga residents unfortunately know, paying off medical bills is often a timely and extremely costly matter. Often times, those who need debt relief from medical bills have to suffer through having their credit damaged while they try to pay it all off. However, relief may now be on the way.

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