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July 2013 Archives

Tennessee judge refuses to allow student loans to be discharged

For many younger Chattanooga residents, they are facing an incredibly large amount of student loans that have to be paid back. Unfortunately for them, it is extremely unlikely they would be able to get relief from them via bankruptcy.

Chattanooga residents deal with potential foreclosure sale

Many Chattanooga homeowners who know what it's like to worry about making ends meet also understand the fear people experience when they hear the word foreclosure. Oftentimes that worry alone makes debt relief seem so far away that it is a dream that is too good to be true. However, it is within reach, as one couple recently found out.

Consumers' increased use of credit cards greater than expected

Any Chattanooga resident who has had to climb out of debt knows that it is never easy. That is why it may be surprising to learn that consumers nationwide increased their credit card usage in May more than expected.

Recent court ruling could help fight deficiency judgments

For any Chattanooga resident who has had the unfortunate experience of losing a home to foreclosure, most of the time, they assume that once they leave, it is the end of that trauma. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and the bank can often come after the homeowner for the deficiency; that is, what still remained on the mortgage after the house was sold. However, there may be some debt relief for those people and it stems from a recent bankruptcy case.

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