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Medical bills lead to significant debt and often contain errors

For many Chattanooga residents who are facing mounting debt, it is usually medical bills which are the source of that debt. However, many things can be done to get debt relief for those large medical bills.

Medical bills are often incredibly large and confusing to deal with for a typical consumer. It is believed that the amount of medical bills that contain errors is around 80% but most people may never know it. First, most people should know those bills can be negotiated down. People can often ask to have an itemization of all charges for the bill as well as all treatments that were received. This will allow them have any erroneous or unnecessary charges removed.

Another important factor is to confirm the date and time of those appointments and services. Finally, once the patient looks through the bill, it's important to confirm what a fair number would be for the services rendered. Often if a patient suggests what a fair amount to pay is to them, even if they don't get that exact number, it can be used to reduce what is owed significantly.

The problem for many people however is that even with the ability to negotiate their bill, they may still not be able to pay what a fair amount would be or what the hospital is willing to come down to. For those people, the financial challenges faced by that medical debt may be so large, that the only realistic option is to file a consumer bankruptcy. Either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, depending on which is needed, can be used to eliminate debt in regards to medical debt, as well as some other non-secured debt and get the patient a fresh start.

Though filing for bankruptcy is sometimes difficult for people to come to terms with, it is often necessary to deal with significant debt. For almost anyone who has had to file, after that debt is wiped clean and that person has a fresh start, they often feel a huge sense of relief.

Source: TMF, "Tips to Negotiate Your Medical Bills," Bisi Ibrahim, Sept. 22, 2013

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