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Is Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Tennessee unlucky?

To superstitious Tennesseans, the number 13 is unlucky. Add bankruptcy, an idea that many people regard with disapproval and the idea that the combination can be beneficial seems somehow suspicious. We, however, find nothing unlucky or unfortunate about Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Instead, we take pride in proving to our clients how incredibly valuable a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing can be if they want a fresh financial start.

Under U.S. bankruptcy laws, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the filing type of choice for those who want to get out from the burden of unpayable debt, according to statistics from the Bankruptcy Institute of America. Despite these and similar figures, many Tennesseans are afraid to file for bankruptcy, and instead try to find debt relief by pursuing other means, some of which can prove disastrous.

As experienced bankruptcy attorneys, we guide clients through the process of filing because we understand it can be challenging and emotionally stressful. Fortunately, our wealth of experience has allowed us to guide thousands of clients to the debt-free Promised Land.

We have served more than 14,000 clients since our firm began in 1988. Many of those clients underestimated the benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but we successfully demonstrated over and over the advantages of this type of bankruptcy. Manageable payments under Chapter 13 bankruptcy allow a person to pay-off debt and remain financially afloat, often allowing a person to keep a house and other valuable items.

Much like superstitions, misconceptions can keep people from using a legally acceptable way to get rid of debt. We show people that luck has no real part in removing debt, but making the right decisions during crucial situations can. We will guide any client through the bankruptcy process, and help him or her become an inspiration to others who face similar troubles.

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