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How Chapter 13 can help Tennessee debtors

Most Tennessee residents probably want nothing more than to start the New Year on a high note. For people struggling to reduce debt, however, this could seem like nothing more than a dream. Fortunately, debt relief is possible for these people. Toward this end, our law firm believes Tennessee residents could benefit from looking into how a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing could help in 2015.

Using a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing to wipe the financial slate clean is a legal and effective way to achieve debt relief, and our law firm has helped numerous Tennessee residents start over financially and end creditor harassment. The filing does, however, require Tennessee residents to think ahead and agree to pay off debts through a structured plan that requires manageable payments for 3 to 5 years. This allows a bankruptcy filer to continue living a normal life and working hard while achieving financial solvency.

Many people fear bankruptcy because they think they will end up losing their homes and other assets, such as other real property and their motor vehicles. In actuality, a Chapter 13 filing secures these assets for the bankruptcy filer. And we may be able to help. Our skilled lawyers guide our clients through the eligibility and application processes until applicants finally get their discharge from bankruptcy.

For some people, a Chapter 13 filing seems too good to be true, so they avoid taking a chance on it and continue to live in financial distress. For those who decide to take the opportunity, however, our experienced lawyers attempt to not only guide them through the bankruptcy process, but also educate them in handling their finances in ways that will prevent more financial problems. Our website offers more information on filing for Chapter 13 and other services.

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