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How does bankruptcy affect child support?

Tennessee residents have a lot of different types of expenses that they have to contend with. In some cases, individuals can manage these expenses without trouble. However, individuals often have to make choices about what they can pay each month. When an individual ends up in debt as a result of being unable to meet all of their financial obligations, the person may turn to bankruptcy in order to get a fresh financial start.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help to clear people's debts and give individuals the financial freedom they need to move forward in their life. However, there are certain debts that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy cannot ease. One such debt is child support. Tennessee laws require parents to pay for expenses related to their child's upbringing. By filing for bankruptcy, individuals cannot get out of this obligation.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy cannot eliminate an individual's obligation to pay child support in Tennessee. In other words, even after an individual has filed for bankruptcy, the person will still be responsible for paying child support.

Additionally, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not discharge child support arrears. In other words, if an individual has fallen behind on the person's child support obligations and has outstanding child support debt, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not eliminate this debt. Instead, the person will still be responsible for this debt following the bankruptcy.

However, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help individuals free up some financial resources making it easier for the individual to make child support payments. Individuals with child support debt or large child support obligations should speak with an attorney for specific legal advice about filing for bankruptcy and how it will affect child support.

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