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Deciding to move forward with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

People from all walks of life can face financial challenges. It is up to these individuals to figure out how to move forward from these challenges and onto sturdier financial ground. For many people, these financial challenges are only a brief hiccup. However, there are situations where people become so entrenched in their debt that they are unable get out from under the debt on their own.

When people have significant assets, they can feel like their options are limited when it comes to debt relief. People may feel like they will lose all of their assets should they decide to file for bankruptcy. While bankruptcy can be an effective solution for many people in Tennessee, others may worry about its effect on their standard of living.

However, people in this situation should know that Chapter 13 bankruptcy could help. In many cases, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is available for people who have assets that they do not want to lose. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, people can keep their assets while paying their debts overtime. A manageable repayment plan will be created that allows debtors to repay their debt over a period of three or five years. While repaying the debt, individuals can keep their assets.

It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether or not people qualify for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The attorneys at our law firm can help individuals make this decision. We can go over a person's finances to determine if that person would benefit from bankruptcy proceedings. We can help people create a plan to take control of their financial future.

We can also file for bankruptcy and handle the bankruptcy process. As people seek their financial fresh start, we can guide them in a positive direction. For more information about our law firm and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, please see our website.

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