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Unexpected medical debt creates financial problems for many

Facing a serious illness or injury can be a devastating affair physically, emotionally and ultimately financially. Individuals in Tennessee in such situations may be mostly concerned with regaining their health. Those with health insurance may be under the belief that their insurance will cover most of their medical expenses, particularly if their medical provider is in-network. However, what may surprise many is that insurance doesn't always cover everything, resulting in an unexpected, significant and possibly unmanageable medical debt.

For example, while a certain hospital might be in-network, individuals may find out that they are responsible for paying for extra expenses. For example, the work done by an x-ray technician or an assistant surgeon may not be covered by their insurance. Even something as simple as hospital supplies might not be covered.

In fact, according to one resource, almost one-third of individuals across the country who have been hospitalized in the past year have incurred an unexpected medical bill. Some states have taken action by passing bills that mandate that health care providers and insurance companies work together to resolve the issue of unexpected out-of-network bills when they exceed the amount of the deductible that is covered by the insurer.

According to one organization, legislation such as this should address the problems at hand. Medical coverage should be transparent, and policyholders should not be burdened with unexpected and excessive charges from physicians who decide not to accept a sufficient amount of insurance plans.

If a person is facing an unexpected and hefty medical bills, it can be incredibly stressful. They may be choosing between paying the medical bill or paying for living expenses, a situation no one should have to face. When this happens, individuals may want to work with professionals to see if there are any debt relief options, including bankruptcy, at their disposal that can help them discharge some of these debts.

Source: NBC News, "Hefty Surprise Medical Bills Can Be a Burden for Families," Olivia Sterns and Michael Cappetta, May 13, 2016

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