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Advantages of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process

This post is included on this Tennessee bankruptcy and debt relief blog to offer readers with an informative overview of some of the ways Chapter 13 bankruptcy may serve their financial needs. It is not intended to state that Chapter 13 bankruptcy is superior to Chapter 7 bankruptcy or that it is always a better choice. All readers should seek their own legal guidance when making a decision about what form of bankruptcy to pursue for their own financial needs.

What does foreclosure have to do with a home?

One of the biggest assets that a Tennessee resident may work toward owning is their own home. Buying a house where a person can live with their spouse and raise a family is a huge financial step for anyone who has struggled to pay their bills and save enough to make a down payment. Just getting into the housing market can seem like a major battle for some people; once in, though, homeowners face many challenges, some of which may threaten their rights to continue to own their properties.

Emergency room costs soar, may lead to medical debt

When accidents happen and Tennessee residents cannot wait to see their regular doctors, they may need to make trips to the emergency room to have their ailments treated in a timely manner. These trips are usually reserved for situations in which there are no other options and holding off on medical assessment may be detrimental to the suffering individual. However, recent reports indicate that emergency room visits across the country are being charged at much higher rates than they were just a decade ago.

Know your options for a pending business bankruptcy

Recently a major American retailer shut its doors and ceased operations at its stores throughout the nation. Toys "R" Us had been in business for decades before attempting to use bankruptcy to revitalize its sagging bottom line and save itself from extinction. However, any Tennessee resident who has tried to visit one of the company's stores in the last week would have found that all retail centers for the former megastore are now closed.

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