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Emergency room costs soar, may lead to medical debt

When accidents happen and Tennessee residents cannot wait to see their regular doctors, they may need to make trips to the emergency room to have their ailments treated in a timely manner. These trips are usually reserved for situations in which there are no other options and holding off on medical assessment may be detrimental to the suffering individual. However, recent reports indicate that emergency room visits across the country are being charged at much higher rates than they were just a decade ago.

This is because medical centers are tacking on "facility fees" that are generally charged to clients just because they walked in the doors of the emergency room. Even if patients use in-network providers and have insurance for the medical needs, they may still receive medical bills in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

One anecdote about exorbitant emergency room charges focused on a man who went to an emergency room due to a broken jaw. The man checked to make sure the hospital was in his medical network before going to it. The problem, however, is that the man required surgery to repair his jaw and the doctor who performed the procedure was not part of his network. In the end, the man received an $8,000 bill for his treatment.

Medical costs have gotten out of hand and it seems that even when patients do their homework and try to work with their insurers problems that they cannot anticipate arise and they are left with enormous bills for treatments they could not avoid. Medical debt from emergency room visits is not uncommon and those individuals who are struggling with such debts may want to seek help with their financial hardships.

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