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August 2018 Archives

Debt and bankruptcy are problems for seniors

It is a common misconception that a person's financial health will always improve over time. The idea behind this belief is that as time goes on a person will contribute more and more to their savings, their retirement nest egg will grow, and they will eventually be able to stop working and enjoy the remaining decades of their life in financial comfort. A recent report by the Consumer Bankruptcy Project suggests that this is not the case.

Understanding the realities of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a liquidations process, which means that a debtor must sell some of their property in order to have money to use to repay their creditors. It can be an exhausting and emotional experience for a Tennessee resident, and before going down the Chapter 7 path it is wise for individuals to know what they are getting into when they decide to file their bankruptcy paperwork. This post will discuss some of the advantages and drawbacks of the Chapter 7 process but readers are reminded that its contents are not exhaustive nor are they offered as legal advice.

What happens if my co-debtor files for bankruptcy?

It is not uncommon for Tennessee residents to take out loans for the items they wish to purchase. An individual may elect to secure a mortgage so that they can move their family into a home, or a person may finance their vehicle with a multi-year loan. Sometimes they get loans with other people, such as their family members or friends.

Overcoming credit card debt for a brighter financial future

When a Chattanooga resident secures a new credit card they are provided with a wealth of information about how the card may be used and how fees and other costs may attach to the user's account. They are told what their card limit is and how much interest they will be assessed if they fail to make full payments on their monthly account balances. This information is important and can have a significant impact on the card holder's financial health if credit card debt becomes an issue.

Millennials are struggling to pay off their medical debt

Young adults are often considered to be part of the "Millennial" generation, a stretch of years that begins in the early 1980's and ends in the mid-1990's. Those born during this decade-and-a-half of time were brought up in the tech era and are generally well-versed in emerging electronics, social media and political change. They are also a group of people who are struggling to make ends meet and to pay down their debts.

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