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Overcoming credit card debt for a brighter financial future

When a Chattanooga resident secures a new credit card they are provided with a wealth of information about how the card may be used and how fees and other costs may attach to the user's account. They are told what their card limit is and how much interest they will be assessed if they fail to make full payments on their monthly account balances. This information is important and can have a significant impact on the card holder's financial health if credit card debt becomes an issue.

For example, if a credit card holder takes their spending limit up to the maximum of their account and cannot pay off the full balance, they may see their next month's bill grow as interest and fees are assessed against their balance. Even if they keep making the minimum payments on their card their balance may not change or may even get bigger and more fees and more costs are assessed against them.

This devastating cycle can damage a person's overall credit and can prevent them from securing other important credit lines, such as those for new vehicles or even mortgages for new homes. Credit card debt can become unwieldy and can leave a person scrambling for options to get out in front of the growing, uncontrollable balance of their credit account.

Credit card debt is a problem for people of all walks of life and all backgrounds. Attorney Kenneth Rannick and his debt relief firm welcome all individuals struggling with credit card debt to make appointments with him and to learn more about what they can do to get ahead of their credit card problems. His Chattanooga firm is accepting new clients and more information on his practice may be found on the firm's credit card debt web page.

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