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October 2018 Archives

Individual debt relief support for specific client needs

When a Hamilton resident wishes to investigate their net worth, they may make several lists. One of those lists may include all of the forms of income that they have, which may include their wages, investments and received gifts. Another list may include all of their liabilities, which may include mortgages, car loans, and student debts.

The requirements for filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a topic that has been discussed on this Tennessee debt relief blog a number of times and may seem to readers to be a good way to find financial freedom. While it is imperative that individuals seek the counsel of bankruptcy attorneys to fully understand how bankruptcy might affect them, this post will offer readers an overview of what they must do to qualify for the process.

Is a short sale the same thing as a foreclosure?

The threat of foreclosure can loom large over the lives of Tennessee residents. That is because if a foreclosure goes through a family may lose its home as the residence is returned to the lender that secured the family's mortgage on the property. Foreclosures can occur after individuals fail to keep up with their mortgage payments and fail to take action when notices of foreclosure begin to arrive.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a path to financial freedom

Missing a payment on one's credit card or another loan is a serious financial matter, but often such an issue can be rectified with careful communication and timely consideration. However, when missed payments become the norm for a Tennessee resident and financial stability seems unachievable, they may need to take more drastic matters to get their money matters back on track.

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