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Individual debt relief support for specific client needs

When a Hamilton resident wishes to investigate their net worth, they may make several lists. One of those lists may include all of the forms of income that they have, which may include their wages, investments and received gifts. Another list may include all of their liabilities, which may include mortgages, car loans, and student debts.

If a person's debts and liabilities exceed the money that they bring in, they may run into trouble when it comes to paying down their loans and becoming debt free. As readers of this blog know, different debts are held to different standards, and while some debts are secured by collateral others may be unsecured and subject to different repayment rules. Home and car loans, student loans, medical debts, credit card debts and the many other forms of debts that people may possess can be pursued by different creditors and may hold different priorities when it becomes apparent that the debtor cannot pay them all off.

Knowing what debts to tackle first and how to approach paying them down can be confusing. If a debtor makes a mistake when it comes to choosing which debts to handle first, they may suffer significant penalties due to their failure to place others at the top of their lists. Many debtors need help to set themselves up to become debt free in the future.

Attorney Kenneth Rannick recognizes the serious problems that Tennessee residents can experience when they find themselves facing multiple overdue financial obligations. His team is prepared to counsel men and women who are in over their heads and who wish to begin fighting for their right to become financially stable and debt free.

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