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December 2018 Archives

Know your personal bankruptcy options for the New Year

Sometimes the one person that a Tennessee resident may struggle to be honest with is themselves. When it comes to approaching life in a truthful, honest manner, it can be tough for individuals to hold themselves to the high standards they expect out of their friends, family members and co-workers.

What qualifies a debtor for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Readers of this Chattanooga bankruptcy and debt relief legal blog may not know that not everyone is able to pursue all forms of bankruptcy. This is because different forms of bankruptcy serve different purposes and therefore only certain individuals and entities may qualify for each. The remainder of this post will discuss how an individual may qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and what events may bar them from using it to achieve financial stability.

What to file to start a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case

Bankruptcy is an area of the law that provides Tennessee residents with legal options for overcoming their financial burdens and debts. While some individuals with sufficient incomes may use Chapter 13 bankruptcy to manage the repayment of their outstanding debts, others may find that Chapter 7 bankruptcy's liquidation process is more suited to their needs. Certain documents must be provided to the bankruptcy courts in order for a Chapter 7 petition to begin.

What rights does a lender have to reclaim a house?

Buying a home or a parcel of property is a significant legal undertaking. The law takes seriously the transfer of land rights from one person to another; therefore, when a proposed sale of real estate is made, individuals must be sure that any and all title issues are in line. If a buyer cannot pay the full amount of the seller's asking price but still wants to purchase the property, the buyer will likely secure a loan for the amount of the purchase price that they cannot cover out of pocket.

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