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Getting you through life's unexpected events

On slow days at work, a Tennessee resident may dream of the day that they hit it big and win the lottery. They may imagine being able to walk away from their job and live the life of their dreams. However, winning the lottery is an incredibly rare event. It is unfortunately more likely that a Chattanooga resident will suffer a devastating setback rather than an unexpected windfall.

Other than bankruptcy, how can I pay down credit card debt?

Credit card debt can become a problem for a Tennessee resident in the blink of an eye. The loss of a job or an unexpected medical bill can send a person of comfortable financial means into a tailspin of debt, penalties, and unpaid balances. When credit card debt takes hold of a person's life, they may be prepared to take drastic means to satisfy it.

Is tax debt dischargeable through Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The income tax filing deadline is only about a month away. Tennessee residents may be pulling together their documents in order to have their taxes completed by professionals or to undertake their own plans for meeting this annual requirement. Some may have already filed their taxes and paid what they owe based on the income they earned in the prior year.

Some debts may not be discharged in Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy is often viewed as a legal means of clearing one's debts and finding a clean slate on which to build a new financial future. Individuals who opt to use Chapter 13 bankruptcy as their path out of debt can expect to spend years working through the repayment plans that they created during their bankruptcy proceedings. Once a Tennessee resident receives their bankruptcy discharge, they may be surprised to find that they are not completely debt free.

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