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On slow days at work, a Tennessee resident may dream of the day that they hit it big and win the lottery. They may imagine being able to walk away from their job and live the life of their dreams. However, winning the lottery is an incredibly rare event. It is unfortunately more likely that a Chattanooga resident will suffer a devastating setback rather than an unexpected windfall.

The loss of a job is a surprise that no one wants to experience. It can mean having to scrape by and force their family to make sacrifices. It can mean struggling to keep a roof over one's own head and food on the table for their loved ones. It can mean financial uncertainty and economic worry.

Another life event that no one wants to go through is an unexpected medical emergency. Each day, Tennessee residents are involved in accidents, receive devastating diagnoses, and have other serious medical events happen that threaten their health and impose burdens on their finances. An unexpected medical expense may be so significant that it causes a Tennessee family to fall into financial peril and find that it cannot keep up with its necessary costs and expenses.

When unexpected life events derail the plans of hardworking men and women, personal bankruptcy may be an option to help them reclaim control over their lives. Bankruptcy can take on different forms and can serve the diverse needs of different debtors. Attorney Kenneth Rannick is available to meet with individuals who have suffered the pain of unexpected life events and who are looking for effective methods of taking control of their financial futures.

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