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What debts have to be repaid in Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Any debt can be stressful for a Tennessee resident, especially if they do not have the money to pay it off according to the terms of their loan. Whether that debt is the mortgage that they must pay for their house, an unpaid tax bill to the federal government, or an outstanding statement for their credit card, a debt can place a black cloud of worry over a person until they are able to pay it off and move their life forward.

Report suggests relaxing student loan treatment in bankruptcy

At present, the United States Bankruptcy Code only allows debtors to have their student loans discharged in bankruptcy if those loans impose on them undue hardships. Proving that a student loan imposes an undue hardship on a debtor is challenging and not always possible, even when a debtor is buried under the weight of their obligation.

What is the credit counseling rule for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Personal bankruptcy is often the last resort for Tennessee residents who have found themselves dealing with insurmountable debts. After investigating debt relief options and trying to manage debts on their own, they may turn to bankruptcy attorneys to learn more about how they may break the cycle of financial hardship in their lives.

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