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What to know about the automatic stay

Bankruptcy can be an important legal step toward a Tennessee resident gaining control over their debts and finances. While not every debtor will require the stringent processes of bankruptcy to get themselves back on solid financial footing, others may need it and its eventual discharge to secure stronger ground on which to rebuild their lives. However, even before discharge happens in a personal bankruptcy may a person begin to experience the benefits of having filed for the process.

What can be done about spousal support debt?

Although a divorce can end the legal relationship between two Tennessee residents, they may continue to be connected through a variety of legal and financial ties. For example, if they share children then they may be required to work together to successfully execute their child custody plan. If one person is financially disadvantaged after the divorce, the other may be required to provide them with spousal support.

Aggressive approaches to alleviating credit card debt

Over the holidays, Chattanooga residents may have indulged in spending practices that are not normal for their lives. They may have bought gifts for their loved ones and friends, or they may have hosted extravagant parties with wine and food for the people that they care about. Some may have traveled great distances to be with the people who are important to them, and many may have spent more money than they intended to throughout the giving season.

How income can impact a bankruptcy filing

Chapter 7 can be an appealing legal process for Tennessee residents who wish to eliminate their debts through the process of a bankruptcy discharge. In order to qualify for such a discharge, however, individuals must first qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Doing so requires that their incomes not exceed certain levels; if they do, individuals may have to find other debt relief options to pursue.

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